General Spray

Ideal for Coackroaches, Ants, Spiders and Silverfish

  1. You do not have to do any preparation before you get a general spray done on your home. Therefore there is no need to empty any cupboards before the pest controller arrives (only if there is a bad infestation of German Cockroaches).
  2. The chemicals used for a general pest control spray are totally safe for your family. You do not have to be absent from the house when the job is being done.
  3. If you are moving into a new house and would like to have it sprayed it is best to have it done before you move in to ensure complete coverage of the sprayed areas. ie, no furniture to spray around and all cleaning is done.
  4. If the house is vacant the power needs to be turned on so the job can be fully completed as we treat the roof void with an electric applicator.
  5. For best results any painting or cleaning including carpet cleaning should be done prior to the pest control being carried out. Do not clean down spider webs, this should be done 7 – 10 days after the treatment. Cleaning windows should also be left until after the job is done.
  6. It is recommend that mopping of floors be done prior to treatment and not be done within 24 hours after treatment.
  7. Once the spray has been carried out on your home, windows can be cleaned using newspaper or a squeegee with cleaning agents. DO NOT HOSE DOWN THE WINDOWS OR HOUSE.
  8. Brush spider webs down 7-10 days after the pest control spray has been done.
  9. A general pest control treatment covers spiders, silverfish, cockroaches and ants. It does not include termites, borers, rodents or fleas. These pests require a separate treatment and a fee is charged accordingly.
  10. A general pest control treatment should be carried out annually (or 6 monthly for problem areas) from the date of initial treatment to maintain a pest free home for you and your family.
  11. To reduce the likelihood of an infestation of cockroaches, ants and mice in your home, you need to ensure that any food scraps and crumbs are daily cleaned from floors, bench tops and bins.
  12. All plants and gardens abutting the house should be removed to prevent ants and cockroaches nesting at the base of the building.
  13. Leaking plumbing and appliances entice cockroaches, that carry diseases, to breed around these areas as they need moisture and also creates a risk for termite infestation.
  14. Our warranty does not include internal spiders, due to the nature of the treatment. However, all care is taken to eradicate all visible spiders.
  15. Each pest control operator is local and trained in the specific problems in your area, so he will be able to find the problem faster and treat it in the best, the safest and the most economical manner.

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